anyone worked for kleeneze

    I am interested in doing part time work hence got in touch with kleeneze - a catalog distributer. has anyone worked for them before and so can you make money from them or is it just a scam. read a couple of reviews on google however need some real people facts. the way i was told was that if someone order from the catalogue that i distribute then only can i make money???
    or are there any good suggestions out there for part time job. i.e. data entry (but where to find it)..


    waste of money, you have to buy your catalogues, if people dont give them back you have to buy more

    my mates dad does it so it cant be that bad

    i did it ,very hard work and a lot of people being horrid!

    weve done it, if you get a good customer base its not too bad but i found myself constantly returning to houses for catalogues and it being more hassle than it was worth!

    i did avon, id say avon is quite good, but not sure if your male/female... not being sexist but i cant imagine many guys would like to sell avon products. Avaon is okay for earning commision, it really depends on where ur, ie what type of clie & tell u have and how much work ur prepared to put into it. The thing with Kleeneze is the products tend to be wayyy over priced and everyone knows it. However avon is a fairly good brand and affordable prices.

    Kleeneze charge for there catalogues, Betterware are very good and u dont have to splash out any cash
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