Anyone wrote their xmas cards!!!

    Doing mine, got so many am half dead doing them...soooooooooooo boring! Quicker they out the way the better



    Thanx for reminding me, it's coming up so quick. I haven't even started yet.

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    I might put the tree up tomorrow :?

    I decide a few years ago to stop sending cards and sending the money I would have spent to a charity instead.

    did mine about a month ago

    i suually done by now havent eyt, but with OH working long hours and all fmaily wnating us to drop persoanlly if we dont start beginjing of dec some dont get lol

    Already received *** ONE *** Christmas card !!!!............... Wrong ???? ( as its only 20th November ) .........:whistling:

    not even thought about it but i think ive finished my xmas shopping
    i hate doing the cards and i normally dont get round to giving half of them out

    OMG i haven't even thought about cards yet! I dont do any of the xmassy stuff until Dec (apart from shopping!)

    What's Christmas?

    I wrote mine out about a month ago, put one of my trees up today! :-D :gift:

    I've got to dig mine out from the depths of the 'present stash' cupboard where I hid them last January when I bought them! I'll probably only end up buying new ones anyway...


    Already received *** ONE *** Christmas card !!!!............... Wrong … Already received *** ONE *** Christmas card !!!!............... Wrong ???? ( as its only 20th November ) .........:whistling:

    V. wrong.:w00t:

    christmas cards are so 2000!
    mass send e-cards with 1 click loool
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