Anyones elses local sports centre been 'taken over' by Everyone Active?

Found 15th Feb 2011
After massive support from the local community to try and save it's closure, our local leisure centre is now being run by a SLM (Sports and Leisure Management Ltd). The company base is in Leicester, but they seem to have a heavy American feel. The lesson are called 'swim' rather that swimming, and the 'menu' says that you can 'revitalize' by buying their products. No - not the greatest conspiricy theory i grant you. However, a course of lessons used to be about £47 per term - they have now shot up to about £62. The tuition period runs for 50 out of 52 weeks a year. When the promo lady was questioned about why they were continuing to charge for lessons throughout the holidays when most kids go away so would be unable to attend - with a straight face, she said it was not a money spinner, but to encourage learning!!
They have taken up 3 out of 5 tables in the veiwing area with their 'recruitment desk' - which will be there for at least another 2 months. To 'cap' it all - each child has been issued a different coloured brain squeezer which they have been told to wear "for both hygeine and so that the lifeguards can identify the ability of the class". I was also told that for public swimming times though, these hats do not have to be worn!! So, are they saying that the same kid will be less hygeinic learning from tutored lessons than if they swim with their family??
Sorry for the rant - but i just wondered if they this company has caused the same disruption nationally?
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I like my everyones active gym - £17.60 a month
right so everyone was moaning bout it potentially closing, and when a company saves it and needs to make a profit in order for it to keep running people moan.

What would you prefer it not being there? or them running it at the cost and ways they want?
Our local pool is run by them.
It is far more expensive now than when the local authority ran it and consequently used less by the local community. This is bound to have an impact in the long run on the health of the community which will in turn cost the health service more. A company does need to make a profit but the facilities were built by the public for the public, not for someone elses profit.
Never heard of them.
It has also transpired that there are 'parish politics' involved. We live in quite a rural area with lots of interlinking 'areas'. The people who live in the whole area around the centre were very committed to supporting and keeping the facitlity open. Last week 2 free 'swim' tickets were offered out to each household in the area - only to find out that the catchment had been reduced to about 1.5 miles from the pool - bit of a kick in the teeth for all the support given by the local people. If they are going to run the centre with 'the cost and ways they want' they might just find they have priced themselves out of peoples reach.
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