Anyopne know about the Material they use to cover Steam Iron rubber pipes..

Found 29th Jul 2009
my quality steam iron still works a treat but the material that protects me against the very hot rubber pipes has come away leaving them exposed ..
i wonder if anyone else has had this trouble and found a solution to fix it rather than throw the iron away.. maybe if theres some heat resistant material I can cover them with somehow...
help the tefal iron cost well over 100 pounds loathe to throw it away..
any usefull comments will be appreciated
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Thanks to you both for trying to help ..sadly the spares page i can't find what i'm after .. as for a picture if you look here .. as an example…0G0 you'll see that there is a tube that feeds from the steam unit into the iron itself .. this has a heat proof material cover which has come away leaving the rubber wires exposed ..and they get mega hot .. so far i've bodged taping some oven glove material around them but its not ideal.
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