Anything being said about a RDR: GOTY Edition?

    I've held of getting it with A-Levels, and now off at uni without PS3, but I could get it and play it over xmas. If there is any mutterings of a GOTY edition with expansion packs etc. If so I'd be tempted to wait a little longer - especially with black ops to occupy me already over xmas...


    Bound to happen, it's a guaranteed 20% revenue increase for a minimal investment. I'm holding out for it too.

    Did mass effect 2 not win game of the year?


    unlikely at this time. The GTA IV combined pack is due out soon...match the timeline and will be a while yet

    Game of the year means nothing any more. GOTY now stands for ultimate or complete edition.
    I hope for this to. Played the game on release but as always reluctant to spend money on digital items.
    I can see it happening but not until February/March next year. They've just announced that the DLC will be put on a stand alone disk.

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    Thanks for info, the timeline of GTAIV seems to be a real indicator...

    It's gone on the xmas list. I'll hopefully buy Black Ops cheap on release...

    save yourself the effort and steer clear, over rated game that was a boring do goody repetetive mission fest...

    I sincerely doubt it anytime soon, they're shortly releasing a disc containing all the DLC. They'll wait until that's not selling at full whack anymore and then plonk the two together for somewhere between £29.99 and £39.99 I'd imagine.…rss
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