Anything CRAZY ever happened to you at work!??

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Ok, as some of you might know, I recently started a new job as one of those IT support call out guys.

It was the start of my second week, the Monday... My boss got a call in the morning from someone and since we like to offer same day service he sent me out on the job immediately.

What he neglected to tell me was that the client was disabled. I discovered this when I got to the door, albeit I was greeted by his carer.

So after a bit of chit chat with the carer and saying hello to the client, I got to work on his spyware infested PC. After making me a cup of tea, the carer informs me that he has to go to the shop for 20 mins or so. Fair enough I thought.

Anyway, I'm still working on the PC, the disabled man wheels himself up behind me and sits there watching me. After a few minutes he starts rubbing his crotch and groaning.

Now, to me this seems like he wants to go to the toilet. I ask him if this is what he wants and he gives me a confirmatory answer (nods his head) and makes a sound that sounds like 'Yes'.

Now, I know probably for insurance reasons I shouldn't have helped him blah blah blah.. However, my Dad is disabled and my mother has worked in care homes for years. I guess I've got the kind of upbringing that doesn't want to see a person in need p*ss themselves.

Anyway, so I help him to the bathroom and help him get sat on the toilet.

This is where it all gets a bit weird..

He sits there, staring at me... even though I'm stood at the side of him so his manhood isn't in my vision. I notice he's started playing with himself... Fair enough I thought, maybe this is how he goes for a wee..

Then after about 3 minutes, him still staring at me (me awkwardly looking away), I notice that he is slightly aroused!!

Then I look at him face on and say "Are you ok?"

He points his eyesight toward my crotch and replies in a slurred way.. "Will you waaaaank".

Total shock horror runs through my system, I immediately go to the kitchen and call my boss to tell him that I am with a very disabled man who has requested that I **** him off. My boss replies with about 3 seconds of silence then "......Are you serious!?". "Hell yeah, come now!!!".

After the phone call the disabled guy is groaning and pointing toward his chair so I help him get back in it.

I then quickly make haste claiming I'm going to get something for the computer... Meet my boss outside. Then the carer comes back.

After explaining what happened to the carer he said that he's tried these sort of things before, but with other carers!!! I couldn't believe he knew that and left me alone with him!!

Anyway, not sure where this is going now, I might report the carer for his incompetence in leaving me alone with the guy, might have to talk to social services about the whole incident.

Absolutely crazy day I will never forget!



oh my...............:w00t:

it's really inappropriate... i would have thought the carer would have taken the man with home down the shops!


So, are you a hottie?????:-D




oh my...............:w00t:

/\ /\

Like they said :w00t:


And i thought i had some crazy people to deal with. Think that beats anything i've ever had to deal with hands down :?


You should have helped the poor man out!!!!


The only crazy thing, i can think of at the moment is my 35 year old colleague taking his life.

Such a waste, R.I.P. k.



The only crazy thing, i can think of at the moment is my 35 year old … The only crazy thing, i can think of at the moment is my 35 year old colleague taking his life.Such a waste, R.I.P. k.

Thats my good mood ruined for the day

Don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted so I'll think I'll just go with what prissy said.


So, are you a hottie?????:-D

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil Youu Waaaaaaaaaaank?


Funny story.

You probably did not know whether you were COMING or going. :lol:

Was he HARD to get back into the Wheelchair? ;-)



Thats my good mood ruined for the day

Why, was he your friend too?
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