Anything for my Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop ?

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Found 6th Jan 2009
Have a Dell Insporon 6000.

Runs XP, has 2GB ram, 40Gb hard drive.

Would it be worth anything ?


how much are you wanting for it and what kind of condition is it in ?

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I'm not sure how much it's worth, thats why i'm asking you guys :thumbsup:

I can get some pics done if you are intrested, condition is fair

Depends on what processor it's got, whether everything works and condition of screen/keyboard/case. Could be anything from £50 to £200?

You'll get a better price on Thiefbay than you will here. And, judging by latest goings-on with FS/FT on here, I doubt Thiefbay is any more hassle than HUKD. :whistling:

I,LL GIVE YOU £100 DELIVERED if it,s working ok.

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Its working excellently, just the battery lasts about an hour on full charge !

But if you want to use it loads just use a charger

£100 + delivery would be great

tbh though, it's not the best condition but has been well looked after

My daughter wants to buy it with her Christmas money and only has £100.
but how much will the postage be ?

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I'd say postage would be £10 ?

I think we could stretch to that.
Can you message me your paypal address

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We would need to transfer this thread onto FS/FT before we trade.

Will set one up today :thumbsup:

Will keep an eye, but give me a nod if i miss it.

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Sorry mate, honestly didn't have the time yesterday !

Tonight one will definately be set up with pictures (When I get in from work !)
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