anything good for the ipod touch

    hi people ive just got a brand new ipod touch for £75 and just want to no if there anything good for the unit?
    good albums out

    and if its worth jbreaking or not?



    Plants vs Zombies is the most addictive game. Also check out Flight Control, and 'Hot Dog down a Hallway'

    Check out the free charts on itunes or on the app store on your ipod. Lots of cool apps out there

    Hot dog down Hallway.
    IM+ Lite for your MSN/Yahoo/AOL chat stuff
    Facebook app
    Amazon app
    Tunein Radio (not free) for thousands of radio stations
    IMDb Movie database app
    Traffic Rush game
    Air Hockey
    Removem free
    Met Office
    iLoader to upload pics to Facebook...
    Tesco Clubcard if you got a clubcard !

    Doodle Jump!

    Also see this thread - ]http//ww…492

    Also...Angry Birds.

    where did u get a brand new touch for £75?

    FLight control and ibomber are pretty addictive...

    Original Poster

    yes brand new

    Original Poster

    ebay y
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