anyway i can update iphone 4 to ios 8?

    I've got my bf's "old" iPhone 4 but cannot get any apps on it because it hasn't got the latest iOS, but when I look for updates it says it'svgot the latest update shame because the phone is functioning well otherwise. Thanks for input


    Afraid not. iPhone 4 only goes to iOS 7.

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    Humpf! Thought so... Thanks for your help though.

    Lilly, you can get some apps by downloading the ones you want on itunes on a computer, then go to the app store on the iphone, and choose purchased section, download from the phone and some (not all) will say this requires newer version but would you like to download the compatible version, so you can get some apps, but the older versions this way. HTH

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    Oooh that's a good idea :). I'll try that! Thanks a lot. (What does hth means, by the way?)


    What does hth means, by the way?

    HTH = Hope That Helps

    HTH you

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    Thanks, was racking my brain, think I'll have to take a small course on forum speak, he he he
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