anyway of exchanging xbox 360 premuim for pro at gamestatio(have receipt)

basically i have the normal 360 premium will they exchange it to a pro i have the reciept???


Just say its broken?
Hopefully they will just exchange the console?

wont they test it?


wont they test it?

They tested mine when i traded it for a 360 Elite,had to pay on top though

Say that it keeps crashing every now and again during games and it's getting on your nerves, no way to predict that its crashing or when it will therefore I don't think they'll have a choice.

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cool will try that and what do i do about my live account.

Delete it from the hard drive then just relogin on the new one


I bought an elite took the actual plastic cases of both consoles, swapped the insides, took mac the "elite" (which was my console at that point) and voila freee elite upgrade

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can i just ask them if i can keep the harddrive.

thanks tomm

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also will i need to take the box??

Try calling one up and asking, they should be able to answer all your questions.

You need to take the box and all the parts.
You should be able to keep your harddrive if you ask.
Getting a pro though, i'm not sure, i've exchanged mine 3 times now 'cos it's been faulty and each time I got an older one than before.. Can't hurt to ask though..


can i just ask them if i can keep the harddrive.thanks tomm

Yes you can I did when mine broke


also will i need to take the box?

yes i would

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thanks for all the help phone them up and they go yeh they said bring it in and they are going to run some tests.
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