Anyway to get sound to tv with HDMI when connected to tv

When via VGA it has its own input but that one doesnt work with HDMI

So how then do I get the sound from my PC to the tv.

Can I connect it with a green headphone jack to 2 red and white phone cables.

Or is there another way.


VGA is only for the need to connect from the audio out (green 3.5mm jack) on your PC to the Audio Input on your tv (Red&White phono connection)

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VGA is only for the need to connect from the audio out … VGA is only for the need to connect from the audio out (green 3.5mm jack) on your PC to the Audio Input on your tv (Red&White phono connection)

Lol you misread, Im talking about DVI to HDMI and getting sound similar to VGA to VGA which has a green headphone cable.

eh???? lost me there.... DVI is still only for the picture no matter what it's plugged into at the other end....same signal as VGA, just different connection. You need separate Audio connection. My personal set up, is a cable from the DVI output on my graphics' card to a PC input on my LCD. Then 3.5mm to Red&White phono cable from my sound card to my LCD Audio Input.

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Yeah I know that, what I was getting at was the pc in audio port next to the VGA port doesnt work with the HDMI input.

That was what I was thinking, the green headphone jack to red and white phono but wasnt sure if that would work.

yeah it will.... if you select HDMI on your telly it will be looking for picture and sound together as it's a combined video & audio connection.... but for PC connection you need the video to the PC input & the audio to the audio input.

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You are confusing me a bit, im connecting to the tv via HDMI not the pc input which is VGA.

I tried running a cable from the green stereo output on pc to the pc sound input which is next to VGA(as thats what its meant for) and getting no sound.

There is loads of red and white phono inputs on the tv so do you mean connect it to them?

hmmmm....depends on your telly connections i guess.... just looked at the back of my telly, and my red&white phono connectors (the other end to the 3.5mm jack) are plugged into 'PC/HDMI AUDIO Input'.
2 possible reasons for no sound though..... you've either plugged the 3.5mm jack into the front 'Headphone Socket' and that output on your PC is not active (Mine is plugged into a 3.5mm jack splitter which is plugged into the soundcard at the rear of my PC, one side of the splitter to the 3.5mm jack to red&white phono, and, the other to my PC speakers, ...or you need to look at the audio output settings on your telly.




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