anyway to get windows xp pro with this

    found this deal from dell but would prefer windows xp pro with it and not vista? any ideas how I can do that:?…dhs


    Not being funny, but, I would suggest you just ask them. They may be able to save themselves and you some money.:thumbsup:

    Don't know your reasoning but I would suggest you bite the Vista bullet.

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    ive got vista on my laptop need this for xp type development... use the laptop for vista coding

    configure your purchase to have no operating system. Then just install XP when it's delivered by putting the cd in the drive and starting it up. :thumbsup:

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    how do i configure with no operating system?


    MikeT said in a post about a Vostro 200 for 387 delivered that you can get a free downgrade to XP when you select Vista.


    You have to get the downgrade from Microsoft not Dell I think

    Not sure if your interested but i have win xp pro that used to be installed on my system but since have installed media centre 2005

    it comes with booklet and serial £40 delivered not installed on any other system, the cd's are scratched but load fine, but i could allways copy them so you have a backup copy.
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