Anyway to use vga or similar on PS1?

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Found 17th Jul 2008
I prefer using my PS1 for PS1 games just as I dont want to wear down the PS2's laser plus I like it as its the original console.

But playing it on ps2 through composite increases the pic quality, or at least just sharpens it.

I know you can get VGA boxes for it but where still sells them and are they any good?

Just want to make the most oif my console.

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I believe if you have the multi-av out socket which was on most of the newer PS1 models, you can use the same component cable that you use with your PS2

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Well im using a component cable right now but I think the resolution is too low as its saying "not supported" on my tv.

What TV do you have? Most TVs with component input support a multitude of standards. Your PS1 should output a 575i signal which is a standard one. Maybe reconnect with scart, and check if there are any configuration options in the PS1 setup menus. Most component outputs allow you to switch between RBG and Y,Gr,Bl try to toggle this setting
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