Anywhere i can buy a 50" 3D TV Please ?

Posted 15th Feb

trying to find somewhere that still sells a decent 3d TV so my kids can experience some 3D movies and i cant seam to find anywhere that sells any, only found a few and they was grade c with so many things wrong...

thanks in advance for any help
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Not brand new. You’d need to get a projector to get 3D now.
Probably do better just getting an Oculus go and putting some 3D movies on that.
3D TVs stopped being manufactured several years ago so you're looking second hand.
Prolly second hand -eBay, gumtree, Facebook marketplace. Aim for eBay with PayPal in case of issues.
To be honest, I wouldn't bother, have you got a 3d blu-ray player? we've got a 3d TV, the 3d DVD player broke not long after & we never replaced it, very gimmicky.
Your only TV option would be second hand. I would avoid used LG OLED 3D models like the plague.

As said above, a DLP projector would be an alternative option. A white wall would do for a screen and DLP Link glasses are under £10 on the likes of ebay/Aliexpress

I bought a 500 Lumen LG LED Projector from Amazon a couple of years ago and was very impressed with the 3D quality – it played back SBS 3D content from a flash drive too. Projector was under £200, glasses were around £8.
If it can be 55 I’d say go for a crack at an LG 55UH850V. It’s my current tv had from new. I’m running it into the ground and it only has a line of dead pixels which you can’t even really see. Great bit of kit and 3D is good
Take them to the cinema. Don't buy a 3d TV biggest waste of money going. What's the point in a 3D TV when there's no 3d content. Your choices are 3d blu rya player which are also discontinued or a trip to the cinema. I know which I'd rather do
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