anywhere on high street selling men's hooded towelling bathrobe?

Found 3rd Nov 2017
really hate fleece bathrobes as they just leave you wet afterr a bath... want one thats literally wearing a towel!

also needs to have a hood... and not look either like it's for a grandad, the duke of westminster nor a 1970s above-the-knee gigolo!

just a nice, simple, non-grey, not white, hooded bathrobe!


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How about a jedi one ?

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maybe i should also add: not jedi, batman, any other super hero/villain, football team or political party (sooo don't ant to be wearing jeremy corbyn on my back, as it were!).

was just thinking a nice blue with different blue trim or... something like that. so... basically, a blue hooded towelling bathrobe, for men, large or ex large... not much to ask you all for, surely!!!

Dunelm sell towelling dressing gowns. I bought two last week,lots of colours to choose from

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cheers for the dunhelm suggestion... appreciated.

Have you tried the shops that target boring old farts, like " marks and spencers"

Try brands Derek Rose and Sleepy Jones.
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