AOC 19" widescreen monitors, any good?

    Hi, wanted a black monitor to match the colour of my new computer (old monitor was grey/blue). So went into PC World in Glasgow and asked if they had any ex display etc..
    Woman went into the back of shop to see and came out with an AOC N19W widescreen TFT and offered me it for £69.97 which i promptly bought.

    Was'nt really ars.ed about buying a widescreen but noticed they dont seem to be selling the old square shape anymore.

    Is there any difference to the old shape apart from watching movies or gaming on it? i only really use it for internet surfing so will all the web pages look better?

    And do you think that was a decent price for it, considering they should guarantee it for 12 months as well?


    Only bettered by the recent deal at Lidl where they mispriced 19" LCDs at £49.99 - had to buy a couple!

    Great deal.

    good deal u may find aoc have 2+ yrs warranty on certain monitors.
    I got 2 19in ws from currys for £45 & £50 and a 20in ws for £65 and after selling 2 of em kept the 20in ws with £10 in my pocket

    My old CRT is an AOC, still going strong now :thumbsup:

    My CRT was a AOC and lasted 2 years before I sold it and never had any faults even then.

    I have the same monitor in my bedroom hooked up to my xbox 360, its a good monitor and a steal at the price you paid..

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    Cheers guys, using it right now. Its fantastic.

    Cant make up my mind on color settings though, normal feels really harsh on the eyes!
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