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Can anyone please advise. I have had AOL broadband for many years now but want to change. My concern is that I have hundreds of emails saved on AOL that I need to keep. If I move to a new provider but ask AOL to keep my email address will I still have access to all the old emails. I have asked this several times from customer services and they all say I can keep my email address but none of them have confirmed that I will still have access to my old emails.
Alternatively is there something I can do to move these emails to a secure place out with AOL.?

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You can move them to another email address, I did this with mine, they went to my yahoo address. I cant remember exactly how I did it - but I remember it was easy, and it was through yahoo itself!

you should still be able to get your emails as i have an aol email address and im not with aol. and its the email ive had from years ago when i first signed up with them with dial up.
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Consider getting an additional free email address that has a "collection" facility such as gmx or
This is an easy way of providing an on-line email backup should something unforeseen happen or if you account gets hijacked.
Additional you could use a mail manager like Thunderbird or outlook to download them onto your pc.
I use these in combination to give be both an online and offline email back up. Make sure you use a different password.

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Thanks. Never heard of that Thunderbird before but I'll check it out. I'm not exactly up to speed with all these websites.

For what it's worth, this is why you should always use an independent webmail service, like Gmail. To put this in context, I've had my Gmail account for 6 years now. In that time, I've moved ISPs five times, and spent about 6 months of the time without any internet connection, following a pretty bad choice of flat to move into. That'd have meant 5 broken old email addresses if I'd used my ISP accounts. Instead, I've got just one, and I'm free to change ISP again as I see fit when October comes.
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