Found 23rd Oct 2008
Anyone having probs with AOL,

When I tried to log on yesterday, halfway through connecting it crashed my PC, seems like I had a Vista update on 22nd, so I restored it to 20th everything fine, then when I tried today it crashes again.

Now I can only conect via IE. I do like the front page etc of AOL and all my fav's are in there so it's anoying

Any ideas please ?

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I'm sure someone has a similar problem a week or two ago on here. If you can track it down, or someone knows where the thread is, it might help.

Mt AOL is running ok not had any probs and all the vista updates are done. sounds like it may be your end, good luck

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Oh ! pooo will look for the thread thanx Predikuesi and if your AOL works Kidcat it must be my end, funny cuz my lappy did this a while ago now my PC :? I've got live one care so it prob isn't a virus or bug, wonder if its an issue with the router, :thinking: thanx anyway

Sorry - my aol is also working ok (I'm o vista as well). I have noticed that Vista SP1 has failed to install on my PC so will try it shortly.
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