Found 20th Jan 2008
Im with Aol and for a few days now i cant access hotmail sign into MSN and go on some websites. I had a search around on the net and seems to lead back to being with AOL. Is anyone else having the same problems?

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We are using AOL and MSN and have had no problems at all.

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Maybe our area then as someone i know is having the exact same problems and i need MSN and hotmail to do my Uni work and its annoying me.…550

If you have a look there others are having problems as well

What sites are you having problems with? I have AOL so I'll see if they work for me.

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Erm i cant sign into MSN go on, some sites i just come across trying to find a solution. Apparently myspace isnt working. Couldnt get onto Bebo. Maybe give em a try.

Just managed to sign into MSN, loaded and I could sign in. Same with Myspace.
I don't have a Bebo so I can't sign in but the page loaded for me.

It must either be your area or a firewall/network settings.

Have you tried using a different browser?

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Yeah tried with Netscape as thats the only other one ive got as i use IE and doing exactly the same thing,

From past experience with AOL, I believe there is an MTU setting within the may need reducing....i.e It may be set at 1500, you may need to put it at 1482 or something along those may help you.

Search your router model along with MTU & AOL, see what it brings up! :thumbsup:

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Still no luck it was set at 1492 so changed it to 1482 and still nothing.


can anyone help with my AOL problem? it was working perfectly before i installed mcafee security center, now when i start AOL it wont go past step 3 (checking password). ive tried reinstalling it and adding it to the firewall accepted list but no difference.

Try using a proxy such as

Whenever i cant access a website i try myspaceproxy and if it loads then it normally means its a problem with my router.

do you know how to get a tracert? i had for about 8 months problem with NTL not getting onto wow - europe website. couldnt get on and then as of last week i can all of a sudden get on. when i did tracert u can see where exactly the connection is failing.

This will be due to your MTU setting. AOL'S MTU setting should be 1450. If you do not know how to change this on your router download and run this…exe
Set the MTU for the adaptor you use to connect to the internet to 1450.
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