Aone DL disks and Pioneer 216 problems

Found 16th Nov 2008
Anyone else having trouble buring Aone DL disks with a Pioneer 216 burner. I have updated the firmware to 1.06 and still no luck. Can anyone recommend a burner that burns these disks ?
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philips DVDR1660 (uses BenQ drive) worked fine for me, the ones i have are + (pluses)
Most lg burners burn them fine, both my blueray hd combi drive and my lg GH22LP20 burn them fine.. what software are u using as i know some burning apps are **** at burning DL discs..
Im using imgburn for 360 backups (Yes I own the originals before anyone asks).
I have been told that there are 2 different kinds of Aone DL (originals and plus)
I have the plus kind and need a suitable burner for these

have burnt both the plus and normal types with only a few coasters.. try one of the lg burners from play for £13.99, they are the same as the one i have but not retail.. they burn fine with imgburn at 2.4x with aone's..


Mine is this one, but its out of stock:…tml

Remember you need to burn at 2.4x and set the layerbreak manually if you arent using .dvd config files (i.e just burning the .iso image)
Are they failing in burning ? or just when tried on the 360.

Try verfiying the burnt disc in IMGBURN, if it checks out then look at cleaning your 360 laser, even a cleaning disc can help.
If imgburn burns without failing it shouldn't need verifying.. it should work, or at least start up, in a 360.. Aone discs do fail from time to time, i have had maybe 1 in 10 fail on me..
They fail in Imgburn at about 22% when I burn at 2.4x.
unfortunatly they are just hit and miss, stick to Verbs and you won't have a problem.
The drive in my xps M1330 works fine - using Aone plus discs with imgburn
I have a Pioneer 216D and it is the best thing since sliced bread with regards to A-ones dude.

My previous NEC 3520 didnt like the older (non plus) versions, but the newer plus ones were ok.

Admittedly, I have only used the PLUS ones in my 216D as the old ones are not around anymore.

I can burn @ 8 speed on them too without issue as the 216D by default starts at 4 speed then spins up to 8 for 90% of it then slows down to 4 again to finish off. Bloomin great piece of kit.

You should update your firmware to the latest 1.09 (mine came with 1.06), but patch the firmware with region free and enable the bittsetting of +R media to DVD-ROM, simple load the program, load firmware, click the two options then save, rename it to the same as the original (keeping a backup of the original somewhere) then just flash it with the standard tool you get from pioneer.

Patch tool:

216D 1.09firmware here:
]Direct download

EDIT - After all that, if you only have a 216 and NOT a 216D then, that is different and dont use this flash file, it will not work, for the 216, do the same with this firmware:

216 1.09 firmware:
]Direct Download

Another quick note, With the Pioneer .zip file, extract it to a folder of your choice and you will get 2 files, a self extracting exe, and a .pdf. Just right click the self extracting .exe and extract to another folder of your choice. That way you get the flash tool and firmware files seperate. You can then modify the firmware, and use the tool to flash it, just make sure you put the modified firmware in the same folder as the extracted tool, and it is called the same as it was before.
Burn them at 4X for your 360. I know everyone says the slower you burn the better but that's just BS... I had the same problems with these discs and burnt a few coasters at 2.4 speed, tried 4x and they worked a charm since.
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