Apartment in glasgow

    i'm looking to travel to glasgow mid july with the family adults and children i'm looking for an apartment to rent for about 3-4 nights an any one advcie me any good deals or even a decent hotel . area i am looking to say is G53 if that helps

    many thanks


    G53 is Crookston/Pollok

    There is a hotel on Crookston Road, contact details ]here . Location is very good, on the main Paisley-Glasgow corridor and train station nearby. If you're looking for a big hotel, you're really talking about Glasgow City Centre which I presume you're not looking for as you specified G53...

    Give me a shout if you're looking for more info.

    Original Poster

    i actully don't mind it being in the city centre i'll have my vcar with my to travel around the city

    do you know of any apartment which will be comfy for the whole family
    i don't mind booking out 2 apartments
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