APH Birmingham - Which hotel do they use for long term parking

    Have been quoted £45 to park at APH Birmingham for 2 weeks. But have been quoted only £55 to include a hotel the night before the flight as well as the parking.

    But, it only says it is a "3 star hotel", not the name. It does say if I don't want the hotel's free transport to the airport, a taxi is about £5, so it won't be far away.

    Does anyone know where they use? If so, is it any good?


    With this kind of deal your car is normally parked at the hotel - they are prepared to put up with your car being parked on their property in return for you spending £55 for one night's stay.

    I'd be thinking one of the Holiday Inn (Round the Cargo area of the Airport), Premier Inn, The Arden Hotel or The Tristar Hotel, they're all conviently located nearby to the airport. Don't take those as a definite answer though.

    It certainly won't be any of the Novotel, Ibis or Etap, which are all located on site.

    The Holiday Inn, Tristar & Arden are all located on the A45, so a short taxi journey would be required.

    No. Your car is unlikely to be kept at the hotel. Chances are it will be taken to some industrial estate while you're away. I would check before you book.
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