App download- access to contacts and messages?

Found 26th Dec 2017
I often have a notice when downloading an App that 'do I give permission to access my contacts, sms etc.'

It seems a default message but does it mean the app can poll personal contacts and texts, or is that it wants to automatically allow creation of a text from the app or some.such?

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Permissions are needed to allow apps to do certain tasks. Phone numbers for forwarding on what ever the app dose as a example.Google is tightening up on this though. You can deny access but later you may need to change the settings to do certain tasks. Also some permissions are for future added app functions that haven't been added yet.
Edited by: "wayners" 26th Dec 2017
think about what the app is. for instance I dont see why a file explorer or streaming app would need access to my location,
Or a torch app having access to contacts was one that got flagged as bad app development...
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