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Found 19th Nov 2017
Not sure if this has been addressed but it’s been on for quite a while

I have alerts turned on when specific keywords are mentioned in titles which is decent to have

My only issue is since the app had a massive refresh and updated, these notifications were coming in thick and fast but not just the once, they were notifying me 2,3 or even 6 times

I thought it could of been keywords clashing with each other and causing the duplicate notifications but that’s not the issue

It happens too in the app, I’m browsing through and I’m stopped by a notification, I close it and pops up again, and again so I end up closing the app as i get a bit fed up (just so it happens I got 4 notifications typing this out)

Is there anyway to fix this or does the developers need to fix the issue?

I’ve put a screenshot with the post to show

I’m sure I’ll be asked what version of the app I’m using and phone so;

Phone: iPhone X
App Version: most up to date (sorry don’t know the version)?

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I’m not sure this has been mentioned, might be worth posting it here
deleted159734419th Nov 2017

I’m not sure this has been mentioned, might be worth posting it here

Thanks, just been reading most recent comments and I’m not the only one having the issue
You are not the only 1 having this issue! I have it on 2 phones, both giving me 2/3/4 notifications, even when there are not duplicate key words
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