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Posted 14th Jun
Hi all, anybody know why when I get notifications there is no sound?

All settings are on in both the app and my android settings?

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More details? Android or iPhone?
You have phone notification settings and app settings. Go look at both
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Same on iPhone for me
i assume you are referring to the hukd app? i don't use the app but i found this happens on my whatsapp on the S9 every now and then. it often does so when i turn the sound notification off on the app then on again. if i change the sound volume on my phone to mute for all notifications on the phone, then when i switch that back on the sound doesn't work.

messing around with the sound and turning the phone on and off, resolves the problem.
Hi, yes sorry this app, I've fiddled around no end but still the same!
mrb3014/06/2020 11:22

Hi, yes sorry this app, I've fiddled around no end but still the same!

have you ever got any sound from it? is it a recent problem? i found that changing the tune on the notification sometimes works, then i change it back to the tune i like once i got the sound back.
I've had sound from it before, couldn't remember when I last heard it. Just started to annoy me as missed a couple of notifications recently for purchases due to no sound! I'll try that see what happens, cheers
First thing to do is lock app so it won't shut down, and will continue to run in background. Have you done that? Battery management might be closing it hence your not getting notifications
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