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    From the title I'm sure you can guess I know very little when it comes to internet phones!

    I'm hoping to get one for my next phone.

    Can you get a deal with a free/cheap phone with about 400 texts / 1 hour talktime / unlimited surfing for £20 and under?

    And which phones are the best?



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    I hear a lot of people saying the San Francisco is very good for the money.

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    Thanks - is that one you can get with the above specs?

    Think you can pick up a San Francisco for around £80. It's dead easy to unlock and install a GiffGaff sim card. Using GiffGaff you can buy a £10 goodybag each month that has unlimited texts and internet. and, atm, 250 minutes talk time)

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    I've never heard of GiffGaff. Is that legal? Is that a network?

    Yes, it's all legal (part of the O2 network I believe)
    loads of info here:…52/
    I'm new to using them (only my 2nd month) but it seems like a great way to get cheap internet on my phone.


    I've never heard of GiffGaff. Is that legal? Is that a network?

    Yeah, GiffGaff is fine, they piggyback on o2 (legally!) and have great deals on PAYG. They are popular as they offer good packages including unlimited internet.
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