App Store (C)?

    Are Apple right to want to copyright 'App Store'?…224

    Personally I agree with Microsoft, a lot of people think Apple when they hear 'app', but it's far too generic in my opinion.

    Please refrain from fanboy nonsense



    Apple should be allowed to copyright it as well as the letter 'I'.

    its generic yes but could argue apple created the modern day use of the word app? No apple fanboy here but they may have a point?

    Microsoft are totally right here, most people call applications apps nowadays and it is not only a term relevant to Apple products.


    I am not sure. How long have "applications" been commonly referred to as "apps". If it was coined by Apple then I can see why they would want to do this.

    Regardless, people will still use "App Store" even if they dont have an Apple product.

    To me its more a generic term.

    Out of interest who calls there vacuum cleaner a hoover? Most people I know "hoover up" even though hoover is a trademark.

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    I think 'Dyson' might take that mantle soon tbh. But yeah, I say hoover, and Coke etc. etc.

    Before Apple's app store, I had 'games' and 'programmes' on my latest Nokia phones - I got an iPhone 3G when the app store went live, because of the apps, and haven't looked back.
    Not sure if Apple have a right to copyrighting the words "app store", but it certainly is them that have brought that phrase to the mainstream.

    The term "app" has been around for at least 15 years that I can personally remember, and my memory of it comes from the term being used in major UK PC magazines with readership figures around the 150k mark. So, no, I don't think Apple should be allowed to claim ownership of "app". "App Store" on the other hand, I'm struggling to think of any major previous use, so I guess that's fair game, much the same way as "Micro" and "Soft" were pre-existing terms derived from a pre-existing phrase ("micro-computer software" or "microprocessor software").

    They want to trademark it, not copyright it.

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    They want to trademark it, not copyright it.

    Epic first post.

    I stand corrected.....

    didn't MS want to trademark the scroll bar or summit silly like that.
    Instead of 'app store' you could use 'app place' maybees

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