APPLE 13.3" MacBook Air (2017) - 128 GB SSD, Silver

Posted 4th Jan
Ive seen this at currys for £799
Can anyone tell me if its worth the buy as it is an older model but more budget friendly for me.
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If it needs to be a MacBook then I would go for an old pro with a decent screen and better ssd or even one of the newer air models for a little more. The 2017 air is the one with the very “meh” non retina screen right? If it doesn’t need to be a MacBook then you could get a crazy good laptop for 800, but yes I understand the appeal of Apple
Very often have cash back on them which takes the 2017 near the £700 mark..
would you consider Ebay for a used model?
JefferyUK05/01/2020 10:12

would you consider Ebay for a used model?

Possibly. I would prefer a brand new one
If you've never used a Retina screen, then you'll be fine. If you have, it's harder to go back. I actually find the retina on the newer models very dim. I have to mess around with brightness to get it right. But overall, the screen is much nicer.

One point to consider if it matters to you: you'd probably struggle to sell it on due to the screen.
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