hi hope some one can help me i need a laptop just for going on the internet and playing songs on my ipod does neone think this will be any good cheers


or can any any one help where i can find a good low priced one from :thumbsup:


It may be cheap- but i wouldn't bother with an older PPC Mac. Try and get a refurbed macbook or something if money is tight.

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thanks but i dont have a clue where to look and what is good 4 the money i have £400 to spend as i say something i can use for the internet and use itunes on any help welcome

That pc would work for the internet and itunes fine - but you're buying a laptop thats already about 2-3 years out of date and with an older version of the Mac OsX on it.
Itunes already needs OS X 10.3.9 or later, and it's probably not long before it'll need 10.4 minimum.

You probably won't get a decent macbook for £400. If you can't squeeze any more money together, you're probably better off with a standard PC.

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thanks for ur help, probly go for a pc just come across this thou looks ok cud probly strecth to it student-laptops.co.uk/pro…131

Check out novatech.co.uk/ if you want a bog standard laptop. You'll probably find something better and cheaper there...and it'll be new, not reconditioned.
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