Found 5th Oct 2006
Hi i am looking for a brand new 80gb for a friend and i told them i would try the apple education store from university.

I checked the normal apple site and it was £259 and then i checked the higher education store and it was the same £259. I don't get this i though you got 15% if ordering through your uni?

I also tried the normal and the university store buy adding the ipod and trying the £23 off £235 code this didn't work on either site nor did the £20 off £200 code. Has anybody got any idea why?

Just wondering if there is any way around this at all or i am best looknig elsewere for him?




The codes are ex-VAT. So £235 ex VAT and £200 ex VAT. I would have thought the £200 one would work unless it is expired.

Original Poster

Oh i see. The £200 on definately doesn't work at uni but i will try now at home and see if it makes a difference, cheers.

Don't suppose it will be cheaper elsewere rather than using apple will it?


apple have now stopped student discounts on ipods, i was told this when i spoke to someone on the phone from the bullring birmingham store last week

Hi Copperfield

The cheapest that I've seen new are from Woolworths for £259 - 10% voucher discount - 5% quidco + postage.

It works out around £225.
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