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Posted 16th Feb
Hi , i want to buy air pods but i dont know if i should get the 2 generation ones or the apple air pod pro’s . Any help would be appreciated
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Depends on your requirements... do you need sound cancelling? Do you need Siri on your air pods? Most people don’t but buy it anyway. I would say save your money & get the cheaper ones.
Can you afford the Apple AirPods pro?
If so buy the newest generation, it not buy the older ones.
I’ve got AirPods 2 and after trying the Pro’s I wouldn’t say it was worth upgrading. Typically they’re twice the price so I’d save the money personally.
Thanks this was much appreciated
My right airpod broke and took it into apple who replaced it.

spoke to the person who served me and they said personally they wouldnt recommend upgrading to the pro.

get the cheaper option
Go to the store if you have one near enough and try them. It’s all about personal preference and need of functionality.
get the pros worth every penny for the noice cancellation alone imo
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