Apple Battery replacement - £69 @ Apple Store

Posted 14th Jan 2023
Apple are putting they prices up by £20 at the end of February. So if you need your battery replaced do it before then!…ent
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All fees are in British pound sterling and include VAT. A delivery fee will be added if we need to send your iPhone.
The current out-of-warranty battery service fee will apply until the end of February 2023. Effective 1 March 2023, the out-of-warranty battery service fee will be increased by £20 for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14.
So it will be £89 from 1st March 2023
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    I have AppleCare but my health is still reading at 84% so not yet at the stage for a replacement for free under that scheme, but battery life is starting to become a struggle for me now.

    Would they let me pay the fee and have it replaced today even though I’m not yet below the official replacement threshold? Or am I likely to just be turned away and told it’s still functioning within specification?
    You can pay that price now and they will do it.
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    I once went to an Apple store when this offer first came around. Asked about the battery replacement service. It means the store sends your phone away to a central facility, you'll get it back some days later. Maybe drop off one weekend, collect the next. At the time there was zero info online on how the service worked hence the wasted visit. Since I use my phone for banking and work 2-factor authentication via apps, that service is useless. Also Apple stores are a nightmare even if you book an appointment.

    In the end I found a backstreet guy - actually his home workshop - who replaced the battery in 15 mins while I waited. Unfortunately he couldn't supply new genuine Apple batteries so I had to make do with an aftermarket one which tbh isn't as good as the real McCoy
    Ah wow thanks for that, I didn’t realise it gets sent away. That’d be no good for me either, I thought it was just done within an hour or so in the store.
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    Still prefer to go to Apple though
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    My 13 Pro Max isn’t even 18 months old and battery is 87%. Pathetic.
    you leaving your phone charging over night?
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    Thanks op, good to know, been thinking I might need to get mine replaced for a while so now would be a good time.
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    £89 to replace the battery.

    I thought there was something in the news a while ago that apple would have to let other stores have genuine apple parts.

    When does this start in the UK?

    This will surely enable us to get a battery replacement for less than £50, but still have a phone which shows accurate battery health. (Non-genuine apple battery replacements will not show battery health - this is the only reason why I would go to apple for replacement, but when I can get replacement on the high street for £30)
    That's weird they do it in store for me takes like an hour or two
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    Btw, I think you can order original replacement battery for £44 if you wanna do it youself. here:…der (only iphone 12, and se 3 and onwards) or £28 at ifixit.
    I don't recommend replacebase , I got 3 batteries from them and 2 of them has swollen in 3 months, they did not replaced them under warranty.
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    I’m gonna change my battery near the end of feb as I’m at 87% now and not looking to upgrade this year
    would it not be better to pay £20 later at the end of the year if the battery life still serves?
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