Apple Black Friday Sale- Now active,

As title says, there was a thread for this a week odd ago but thought i might as well post it again for those that had forgotten (like me)

Would not say amazing savings to get something due to the sale but if you planning on getting a mac etc. in the next couple weeks probably worth a look



rubbish sale. only £5 of a nano

There's nothing special or exciting or even remotely warm about their so called offers. Apple as a company are anti-consumer and should be boycotted, given their manipulation of prices and resellers so that their stuff is almost always the same price everywhere (and it certainly isn't because of good value that they're all the same). Today's one day token effort is an insult to people's intelligence.

I'm surprised that Apple isn't investigated by the OFT for their apparent retail price maintenance.


rubbish sale. only £5 of a nano

Indeed, in the US the Black friday sales usually mean nearly 50% off last years (And sometimes very recent) electronics, including from Apple, a few % off Apples over-inflated prices (Which should be matched by the VAT cut on Monday) is NOT a deal.

COLD, stop legitimising Apples massive profit binge off the backs of UK consumers.

These discounts are rubbish, cheapest way is to wait until someone flies and get most apple products tax free from dixons tax free airport shop :thumbsup:

Even with the crummy discounts it's still more expensive than anywhere else.
I wanted the Powerdock 2 which is £28 in the sale but is £20 on iwhizz or £25 most places


this has to be the worst sale of all time!
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