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I'm thinking about buying a iPad Pro John Lewis sell them for approx £850 but the apple refurb shop are about 20% cheaper John Lewis do a extra warranty for accidents etc for 2 years at £70 but apple are £85 ish for a year and I have to pay £39 per claim max 2 can anyone help


I'd personally choose JL as there after sales service is outstanding. As for the refurb, I think it's better to pay a little extra for a brand new item. Hope this helps

As above, JL every time. I'd also pay the £70 for the accidental damage for peace of mind, not to mention the additional standard 3 year warranty JL offer.
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Go for the refurb. They are brand new don't have any marks and great value. Apple give 1 year warranty which is good enough and you can insure it later on
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