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Found 24th Jan 2007
Hi - just a quick question about the Apple education store.

I am entitled to use it (am a Uni student... for another 6 months) but I compared the price of something on the education store with the normal apple store and the price is the same!

Is it only certain products that are discounted???

Cheers. :thumbsup:
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What item did you compare?

I think things like printers, scanners, cameras etc - the price wil stay the same.
Original Poster
Bose headphones
Yeah I think third party items may not have a discount. The Apple products vary a lot in discount also.
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Oh I see. Oh well, was worth trying.

There's still the £23 off voucher, I suppose.

Anyone know if that works with Bose headphones?
Yeah, I dont think discount applies to those (not 100% sure though). It may only apply to apple products.

Are you checking through your University computers, or from home? The proper HE discounts only work from Uni comps.
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Am on a Uni computer as we speak.

Maybe ebay is the way to go? They still seem to be pretty expensive on there hough.
Discount codes dont work through HE links, I tried it when I bought my MacBook late last year.
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I don't even know where to find my HE link, I was just logging on through the HE apple website. Is this not correct?
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