Apple gadget which can dock and hook up to a TV for playing You Tube etc...? { unsure! }

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Found 20th Oct 2008
Can some kind Apple fanboy (/girl) help....

My mum went to a friends house the other day and said that he had an 'Apple' music player (no more specific) which had a docking station of some sort and was able to request pages from You Tube etc which were then played on the TV. Can someone confirm what this unit might have been abd where I can get it nad how much????

Apologies for the vagueness but you know how secondhand descriptions are!



iPhone or ipod touch connected to a tv with an apple component cable and sat in a universal dock would do that. Dock comes with a remote control.

Alternatively apple tv doesn't have a dock, but does music, videos, and you tube (plus more) on your telly box

or alternatively get an xbox with xbmc in and it can doo all that and much more

Does sound like Apple TV.

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