Apple Gift Card Swap for TV

hey guys i need help from expert here, i am selling my tv on gumtree and got offer a from a person he said can i swap my tv with apple gift card worth £320, i never had a chance to use gift card b4, tv worth abut £270, what step do i need to make sure dnt get scammed, second can i buy macbook or ipad with that gift card from apple store or online.



Firstly you need to check the balance is what the person is saying it is, secondly I always worry about the fact that if it has a pin you use online what's to say it's not all going to be spent by the time you get round to ordering. Finally if you order there and then what's to say they don't report the gift card stolen etc and the transaction is reversed. I would deal in just cash

Short answer is you can't. He basically wants to swap your TV for a piece of plastic that he claims is worth £320. You of course have no way of checking whether this is or is not genuine. If you are a very trusting person and he is very honest then there might well be no problem and if the gift card is valid then yes you can use it in an Apple Store. Personally I wouldn't take that chance.

If you actually want something from apple

If you actually want something from apple only safe way is get it ordered and paid for when the guy comes to collect the tv. Cant see there being a problem there

Don't do it. Simple as that. Your unconscious is telling you not to, that's why you are asking this question!

As above, too much risk involved, and even if you did order with him there nothings to say it isn't stolen already or gets reported stolen after, I wouldn't go anywhere near the gift card
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