Apple HE discount on macbook How much?

Found 3rd Feb 2009
I plan to buy white macbook which costs £719. If i Buy through HE discount what will be the price.?
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£618.70 delivered


[*] Intel Core 2 Duo
[*] 2GB DDR2 Memory
[*] 120GB hard drive1
[*] NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics
[*] Standard keyboard
[*] White polycarbonate shell[/LIST]

£618.70 delivered2.0GHz [LIST][*] Intel … £618.70 delivered2.0GHz [LIST][*] Intel Core 2 Duo[*] 2GB DDR2 Memory[*] 120GB hard drive1[*] NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics[*] Standard keyboard[*] White polycarbonate shell[/LIST]

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it depends really, am looking in too buying one myself, i found out that if you have a college card you get 11% discount but with a uni card you get a 14% discount, so if your in college you best bet is to ask a friend whos in uni to go with you so u can use their discount, thats what im planing on doing.
I went onto the chat function the other day enquiring about one of these for the wife & I paid the following:
S2364Z/B EMEA CC-HE contract uplift MacBook/ 1 40.00
MB881B/A MacBook, 13-inch, White 1 538.00
Total: £ 578.00
Discount: - £ -0.00
VAT @ 15.00%: £ 86.70
Order Total: £ 664.70

This is with the 3 year cover too; best part was I didnt have to prove that the wife was at Uni (although she is doing an Open Uni degree) I just said in the chat part of the store that I was thinking of it, how much would one be and they sent me a link
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