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My o2 contract is up for renewal, and I was all excited about the new i-phone 3gs but then realised how expensive it really is. Surely 8gb is plenty for music/data, and if the only difference is a slightly better camera, recording (can live without) and a compass (can definately live without) then should i just not get one of the 3g instead?

Is theres something fundamental im missing?

Should be able to get it free on 18month and £35 tarriff for loyal customer/threathen to leave etc etc

Thanks in advance


3gs is also twice as fast, apart from that nothing else

just go for the 8gb 3g.

The new one has some good features but nothing to sing and dance about really.

ive got a 3g and have no urge to get the new model normally when a new model comes out i always want it but in this case the 3g is so adaptable that its brilliant!

Go for what suits you best, by the sounds of it the 3g 8gb.

Next year will be when bigger changes to the iPhone appear.


3gs is also twice as fast, apart from that nothing else

It's not. That's just another of Apple's marketing lies.

They arrive at the figure by taking the clock speed of the original phone's chip, which is designed to run at 620MHz but is run at 412MHz to save battery life, and comparing it to the chip in the 3GS, which is designed to run at 833MHz. To conserve power again though, Apple run the chip at only 600MHz. So in reality, and before the system bottlenecks are taken into account and everything, the new iPhone is actually only 50% faster, clock for clock.

Clock for clock yeah, but it does make a difference...…vcE

u can get the 16gb on o2 for the same price as 8gb 35£ pm and free

and dont forget about 30£ or more quidco

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Thanks for all your repsonses. No quidco on the iphone unfortunately. Think im going to go for the iphone 3g and get a reconditioned one so dont have to pay for the handset.
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