Apple ibook advice please

A friend of mine is looking for an Apple laptop and was considering buying this one..…tml

She has asked me for a bit of advice but, frankly, I know nothing about these. Obviously this is going to be an older re-furb for this price but does it look like decent value for money, or would they be better off spending a few extra quid and getting a brand new Dell?
I've never heard of this seller either - Portable Universe - anybody used them at all?

Any advice gratefully received.


Personally, I would spend a little more and get yourself a PC - I am not saying that PC is better than Apple, but a G4 Mac will not work with some of the newest software.

If you are going to use this for surfing, then it should be fine, but at the end of the day you coudl get a netbook for the same price, and with a better spec!!

There is a reason new mac's are £800, because of the OS, technology and how good they are, so in comparison I dont think this one is going to be much of an advantage over a PC.

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Thanks very much Aircanman. Apparently I need to spread some rep around before I can give you any more

Agreed, for similair money you will get a brand new PC laptop.

I wouldn't bother with an old G4, they are still nippy and run everything except for iLife 09 but you will get more useability from a New PC Laptop.

I still have this mac since many years now and it is very robust, simple, never had any problems with it (no virus if you are surfing a lot, thats a big plus comapred to PC). I must say that it's slow compared to the newer versions of course, I also have a new powerbook which is much faster. I'm a Mac fan I should say... You will get more functions with a new PC for the money but I think the Mac will last longer and is easier to use. Good luck

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Thanks very much for the input guys. I've passed your comments on to my friend and it's up to her now.
I'd still spend the money on a brand new PC lappy myself.


never had any problems with it (no virus if you are surfing a lot, thats … never had any problems with it (no virus if you are surfing a lot, thats a big plus comapred to PC)

Not really, viruses are rare and you're still subjected to all the far more common annoyances and traps of the internet like spam e-mails and phishing scams.
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