Apple iCloud storage - able to sign upto 2TB Option via vpn?

Posted 8th Aug 2022

Is it possible to register for the apple 2TB backup option via vpn for India,Turkey or Argentina to get a cheaper rate or are apple all over it?

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    To the best of what I can recall, you’d need an iTunes account for the country in question
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    Same with Google.
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    Barrons Author
    for anyone who is interested , i set up a turkish apple id account, tried to upgrade storage to 2tb storage plan and it wouldnt accept monzo, cryptopay or visa debit card as it gave the error:
    the payment card you entered is not valid in turkey
  3. Easy.Action.Baby's avatar
    Apple knows where you live.
  4. amrul86's avatar
    Anyone had any luck with this? I believe the payment method may have to be iTunes giftcard purchased (Turkish Lira).

    Has anyone managed to get this? 2TB in Turkish Lira is under well under £3 a month.
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    I did managed that, via Turkey to get cheap iCloud+, a few website sell Turkish Apple gift cards so my account is loaded with credit.
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