Posted 12th Jan 2023 (Posted 5 h, 5 m ago)

I was wondering if someone could help me with a few questions regarding the imac 24 - this one is what I am referring to -…6gb

I am moving from Windows, so this is completely new to me. Getting my head around the OS won't be an issue but all the new connections is something that I need to get my head around. I think the 8gb, 256GB 7-core will be sufficient for me - I only need it for work purposes. I am a writer, who works on word/google docs and carries out research. The only programmes I use are Skype, email, Teams and Chrome - that is about it.

I have had enough of Windows, their updates, my system getting bogged down and so, I want something that is less irritating. My current All in one has 8GB, so it has the same RAM but speaking with another writer who uses a the previous model of iMac, they don't have any issues at all.

So, I have some questions to ask and would really appreciate some guidance and help. All of these questions are based on the basic model with two ports.

1 - Does the mouse and keyboard connect using Bluetooth? I thought they did but I had a look in Currys and their keypad was connected by cable. If this is the case, then that is taking up one port which does cause an issue.

2 - I work with two monitors and I have to keep it that way. My current "second" monitor is connected via HDMI. I have been helped by a few other members on here but if I was to purchase one of these - is this easy to set up and will it solve my problems

3- I have a removable pen drive that stores all of my documents, would I have any issues using this on an imac and would I lose the data stored on there?

If anyone has any advice or help it would be much appreciated.
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    1. If you buy the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard (as per your link), then yes, they are Bluetooth.

    2. If that adapter supports Thunderbolt or DP Alt Mode, then yes. Description suggests the latter

    3. It depends on what filesystem you have on that pen drive. If it's the default FAT32(X), then all good. If NTFS, then it's read only

    Word doesn't come free, you'll need to purchase Microsoft Office or subscribe to Ofiice 365. Alternatively, stick to Pages or Google Docs (edited)
    Thank you, I thought that was the case with the magic mouse and keyboard that they would be Bluetooth.
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    "I have had enough of Windows", waw a bold statement.

    Cheaper option, use Linux Mint:

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