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Found 28th Sep 2017
Looking to buy a apple mac for 600 sealed is there a code on box to look se if its genuine any advice on this sounds to good to be true they selling for 1,20
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If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is ... Where is the Mac coming from do you have a link to it so we can see?
If you're buying a brand new iMac from someone for £600 then it's either an amazing deal or an older second hand model that they're ripping you off with.

If it's a Mac Mini, then some of the models are cheaper than that new so check which one it is.
Sorry it was a macbook rose gold she said she take 600 soon changed her mind anyone know whete i can get a rose gold mcbook from please i dont want a 2017 mode cause they are 1,000 plus online i cant seem to find any older model
If you only want a rose gold one, then you're stuck with either this generation of MacBook or the 2016 generation as that's when the rose gold ones were introduced.

The 2016 ones are still going for around £800- £900 on ebay depending on spec - Apple stuff holds its value really well. If you want a new one then you'll have to pay what Apple are asking, unless you're a student/have an NUS card then you can get a discount from the education store.

Failing that it's ebay or keep checking the Apple refurb store or Gumtree
Are there any sites that sell the 2016 rose gold one i can only find 2017 mode
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