Apple iMac G5

I am going to buy a new apple mac G5 imac (1.9Ghz, 17") very soon but a bear could be fooled into thinking that there is price fixing going on in the market!

Does anyone know af any decent deals, discounts or sales for this item?

I cant believe that the price isnt moveable! Currently it is on sale for £899. I have found it for £887 and for £899 with a free bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

Can anyone better that?

Wokka, wokka, wokka!


yeah Apple prices annoy me - no discounting or competition!

If you've got an Egg Money card you can get 5% instant cash back (used to be 10%?), or 3% at the Applestore with Quidco - some of the other quidco retailers who stock Macs may have better cashback though.

Or find a student or teacher and get the educational discount price through them!

Apple does actually fix the prices so you are not going to find a cheaper price however you will find resellers throwing in various items to sweeten the deal.

Here are the only ways to get a discount on your Apple product:

(1) HUKD Voucher section. Click the Vouchers tab at the top of the forum to go to the vouchers section and look for Apple. There's a few discount codes there that work for some money off.

(2) Buy through Educational store or through your school's purchasing department. Educational prices are roughly 10% off.

(3)As scrooge said use your Egg Money card if you have one, or go through Quidco for 3% back.

(4) Buy through the Apple Refurb Store which has pretty big discounts on end of line products. It's up every Wednesday so take a look today!

(5) Some of these can be combined...

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Ok, so education discount comes to £854 (my wife is a teacher), or its freebies, or its ebay.

Here are the deals I have found in case anyone else is thinking of buying the same thing...

£449.00 ex VAT £527.58 inc VAT at jigsaw24.com

1.9GHz 17-inch iMac

£765.00 ex VAT at apple
£759.00 ex VAT at jigsaw24.com
£729.00 ex VAT at macwarehouse.co.uk

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Ok guys, heres the final word. With the educational discount the iMac drops from £899 to £844.43 thats a 6% discount which is pretty miserly. However you also get free delivery. So it seems this is by far the best deal to be had at the moment. Because lloysTSB are taking 5 working days to do a bank transfer (5 or more days interest taken from my money) I am not placing the order until next week. So... the cheapest alternative was macwarehouse.co.uk / microwarehose.co.uk

My question is: Does anyone have any discount codes/vouchers/info that might make microwarehouse/macwarehouse competetive?


PS - Thanks to Admin and scrooge for your help, its really appreciated.

There's a discount code listed here not sure if it's valid though...

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