apple imac price problem

hi. i went to apples online store to buy a imac i was clicking on the imac 2.13 and then click for incresed ram and the price went down in price by £50. i orded it and the price came to £950. clicked accept and payed.
the next day i got a email saying my imac has been sent and the price they were going to charge me is now £1158.99.
big difference. i do not want the imac for that price but now endure a £60 return fee.
looking at my invoice i see they have charged me the initial £950 and then a second amount to bring the total up to £1158.99.
any help please.

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Well they illegally charged you extra, without your permission.

No second invoice came through, you did not agree to this extra debit!

There fore, they are completely in the wrong. Complain at them, you could well have gone 'over' your available funds and been left with a hefty penalty charge!

As a good will gesture, they ought to only charge you the £950 and let you keep the higher spec!
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