Apple iPad 2018 9.7inch - where to find them?

Posted 15th Apr
Hi, through a shop opening, I am trying to find an Apple iPad 2018 9.7 inch for a point of sale machine (SquareUp). Unforyainely Unfortunately the latest iPad is too big to work with the stand/device. Does anyone know where I could track one down? Ideally brand new? I’m searching but they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth! Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried the Apple refurbished section on their site?
They have been discontinued as the 2019 model was the same price.
Just like when they discontinued the XS/XS Max when the 11 Pro/Max came.
I did try the refurbished section but nothing for me. I know they have been discontinued, just would’ve thought there’d still be a few in circulation at a few shops. Thanks for your answers though.
You mean iPad 9.7 sixth generation? I saw then Apple refurbished for £350. It is just called iPad
Thanks all!
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