Apple iPhone 13 Pro As New - £539.99 delivered with O2 Refresh (You need to call in and speak with an advisor to discuss this offer) @ O2

Posted 14th Oct 2022
Just upgraded with O2. They are knocking off £260 off devices right now. I spoke to someone 2 weeks ago and another 2 people today (the phone cut off) and all know about the £260 off device plan offer.

From 3 times purchase experience these phones are fresh devices but comes without the original box. Instead come in a o2 branded box with a charging cable and sim ejection pin. I’ve never seen a scratch on my examples but these are technically sold as ‘like new/ refurbished’ so your experience can be different.

What I signed up for and you can too:
O2 Refresh
Airtime Plan 30GB Unltd calls & Txt £26.99
Device plan £0 upfront £15 per month spread over 36months with final payment of £14.99.

You can pay for the device anytime and end your contract without penalty.

If you wanted to stay with O2 you can choose any other data plan )doesn’t have to be the one I went for above).

If you have another O2 Pay monthly user at home you can save 20% off your airtime every month.

O2 Open (work benefits) get 25% off airtime

O2 friends and family discount gets 50% airtime.

On writing this post the following iPhone 13 Pro’s are in stock:
128GB Only
Sierra Blue
Alpine Green

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    I’ve wasted my time so you don’t have to🫠
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    I know this tread got expired but I managed to 2 of the exact same deal the originally poster got. £539 on o2 refresh, delivered and airtime cancelled today. It was very straight forward and offered me £260 off either the 13 or the 13 pro. A slight problem was the one I ordered for my wife was in bad condition and when I asked for an exchanged they said the 128GB was out of stock but eventually they upgraded it to the 256 model and came in brand new condition. 256GB iPhone 13 Pro for £539 has to be one of the best deals I've ever had.

    Thank you very much OP
    You have to call them and take out a 36 month contract. £15 line rental and £26.99 airtime. It should have an upfront cost if £260 but they will waive that. Once you get the phone, call them back and cancel the airtime and then they will require you to pay the £539.99 before you can cancel. Once that is paid it’s all done.
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    If I get the device then use a pac code to port the number to another network will this automatically cancel the contract and I just pay the 539? 
    Or if you want to stay with o2 what I did and say that you want to cancel the airtime and move over to one the the £8 sim only uswitch for 20GB. Either way you will have to pay off the £539
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    Has anyone tried this on a 13 Pro Max? Tempted to try if they get stock again, although still unclear as to what the final price should be
    "The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Like New costs £893.50" - £260 = £633.50
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    I think I'm now sorted, but it was a bit of hassle and stress...
    I went for an iPhone 13. There may be other options available if people want to try...
    First I logged onto My O2 and went through my upgrade options, before I called customer services.
    You select Upgrade and get offered an iPhone 14, then you select All Upgrades button...
    Then i clicked on the Apple icon for iphones..
    After that, it still defaults to new devices but there's a button to show Refurbished devices.
    Thats where you see the Like New iphones and options...
    Pick on the one you want and you're then shown a screen with the costs on it.
    That screen defaults to no upfront payment, but you can toggle the upfront payment to £260, which gives you a monthly device cost and a monthly airtime cost...
    Armed with that, you ring customer services and negotiate the deal. They offered £240 off the ordinary iphone 13 - so no upfront charge and the monthly charges were then the same as I'd had illustrated online, if i'd paid 240 upfront...
    My phone arrived next day. I assume they vary but I think mine is basically a new phone that was switched on and activated 51 weeks ago, and then switched off again...
    There are no marks on it anywhere and the battery life is 100%, but the apple warranty expires on Tuesday....
    I suppose that's the gamble you take for a bargain...

    I then rang yesterday to switch away from my airtime plan. Customer services said they couldn't revert me to my old uswitch tariff as that had been closed down when I moved to my new Refresh tariff... I could only switch to a O2 published tariff. If I wanted a uswitch deal, i had to order that myself.
    So thats what I did, I ordered a uswitch o2 deal yesterday, that sim arrived today. One more call to customer services later, they've moved my number onto the new uswitch sim and terminated my O2 refresh tariff...
    That means I'm stuck with o2 on a new 12 month deal (I was 7 months through my old 12 month uswitch deal...), but I've got an iphone 13 for under £430 which makes that just fine... (edited)
    12 or 13 ?
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    Best I got offered was “Apple iphone 13 pro 128Gb like new on 36 months O2 Refresh contract for £44.22 (Including VAT) with one off upfront cost £180. The Airtime plan is £26.99 and Phone plan is £17.23. You'll get Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts and 30GB data. We can waive off the upfront.”
    Just to be sure, this is what I got in my contract. Is this the expected offer for this deal? Could you please confirm so I can complete to agreeing into contract. Thank you in advance.
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    Confused. Contract states that airtime contract must last for a minimum of 24 months ?
    Hi, I just upgraded via this method and they confirmed you can cancel the airtime plan at any time. From the contract T&C's:
    10.3 If you are obtaining credit for a Device purchased as part of an O2 Refresh tariff and you repay the credit in full early, you can choose to continue paying for the relevant Airtime Services on a monthly basis under your current Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement (if you have one), upgrade to a different airtime plan or leave the O2 network.
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    Managed to get 13 pro / Alpine Green couple of days ago. Arrived and in essentially perfect condition, 100% battery, activated in August. Thanks OP!

    Cancelling airtime and paying off device plan was easy enough and O2 even matched an £8pm USwitch deal (20gb / unlimited / unlimited, 12 months). V happy
    Excellent! You get 3 months Disney+ with that sim too!
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    Thanks Op. I've just got £240 off an Iphone 13 Like New using this deal approach. Told them that a friend had got the deal last week and wondered if it was still available...When I rang 202, I told the IVR that I was wanting to "Upgrade my phone" and that took me to the right department straight away...
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    Offered it to me within 10 minutes
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    Third time’s a charm! Finally!
    I called 0808 002 0202, chose Upgrades (option 1), somebody picked up immediately. Told them I would like to upgrade via O2 Refresh to an iPhone 13 Pro like new, and that a friend told me about an offer where the total device cost is £540, with device cost being £15 and airtime £26.99, with 30GB of data. After some security checks she told me to hold a moment. After 2 mins she came back with the offer. Went through the terms and done! Note that only available colours at that time were Blue and Green.
    Thanks OP!

    Do you have to have the air plan?

    Im on O2 pay & go and want to stay on it. 
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    So many people wasting time..why this deal exists?
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    This is the Consumer Credit Agreement I got in my email as confirmation. Sorry you guys haven’t had any luck I just thought it would be pretty standard as all the advisors knew what I was on about. Maybe they were looking at the notes on my account?
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    is there anyway of getting this offer as a non-02 customer?
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    Just got the deal, quoted the specifics and they said they could honour it. Thanks OP.
    Will pay off the device plan in full asap and cancel the airtime plan.
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    Worked like a charm just now. Blue and Green in stock. Advisor also offered Apple 20W Charger for £14

    Thank you!…new
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    Is it possible to pay the phone off in full ?
    Agree a 3 month contract and then pay it off the next day / change sim contract
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    Showing £799.99 Upfront.
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    How do I get this price?
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    I just got this deal over chat. took a while, but got there.
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    This needs unexpiring
    Hey Ben,how did you manage to get more than one?

    Also, how easy is it to cancel airtime and pay outright ? Managed to get the deal following your instructions, just have to do the cancelling part. Wanted to see if I could do same with partner but they're not on O2. Would it be possible to get a cheap O2 PAYG sim and upgrade?
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    Can confirm just got it done only had Siera blue left appprently but I'll take it at that price cheers OP and @BenHJM
    Great news, glad it worked
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    Awesome price, thank you muchly.

    I just received one at what I thought was a good price for £690 from cheapest electrical. Another £150 saved on top (so long as it's in great condition) is awesome!
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    Thanks for sharing this! I managed to get the deal first time via o2 Live Chat. They waived the £260 upfront cost as a loyalty discount and I collect the phone on Saturday! Thank you!
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    Just managed to get this. What a steal. Thank you OP.
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    Just got this too, had to push the agent via chat and go through 4 offers before landed on this one! Thanks OP
    I assume the phones are unlocked?
    Yes all phones from O2 are unlocked
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    Bagged the 13 pro max this morning for £633.50. Thank you OP!
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    They are going to send me the correct colour now , my o2 order has the following on it:
    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB Graphite TransBatt

    does anyone know what TransBatt stands for?
    My wife’s said the same. I searched everywhere to try and find out but couldn’t see anything. But it arrived in immaculate condition with 100% battery health and 10 months of Apple warranty remaining
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    Got it, was dead easy to do if you follow the instructions.
    Not sure what you Mungo Beans are doing or why you can't follow simple instructions.

    Thank OP !
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    Picked mine up today and the face ID sensor is broken. Apple store confirmed this. Sending a new one out. Quite poor customer service.
    Poor in what way? If they have sent you another one out, what else you you exepect?
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    Is this package/discount available online?
    Same question haha
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    Only 128 GB in stock.. 🤫
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    Is it available online?
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    Spoke to online chat & not aware of this offer, anyone tried phoning yet?
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    Currently on hold. Make sure you ask to be put through to the dept that deal with refresh. Long spiel about the wrong contracts for 15 mins!!
    Fingers crossed, are you attempting to upgrade or new to O2?
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    Has anyone else had any success?
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    I’ve just come off the retention team at O2 and have been advised this offer doesn’t exist 😩

    Has anyone else managed to secure this deal?
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    Any proof of this? Email confirmation?
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    Thanks OP! Just got the same deal - took me about half an hour
    Did you chat or call please? Spoke to any particular dept.?
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    13 pro and 13 pro max now out of stock apparently
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