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When this comes out, any idea how much it'll be on PAYG? (apparently this WILL be available), and is there anywhere I can pre-order?
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The iPhone is only available from 02

Taken from Gizmodo UK, looks like it could be expensive but may be cheaper than an 18 month contract in the long run... Hope this helps...

Vodafone Italia has just announced that to get the iPhone 3G without a contract will cost €499 for the 8GB and €569 for the 16GB models. That's approximately £395 and £450 in pounds, shillings and pence. OK, it's still cheaper than getting an 8GB model free with an 18-month £45 contract with O2 (£810) but it's still very steep - especially since you'll still have to sign up for some form of voice/data contract with another network.

If you register your interest on the o2 website, they will contact you in July when the UK o2 PAYG scheme is announced. There's not much point seeing what other countries and networks are charging as it never translates like for like in the uk.

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The iPhone is only available from 02

Is this a point out the obvious contest?

Thanks to d_dixon and bexter. £400 is quite steep but in the long run it'd probably work out cheaper for me, if this is the case.

Italians are paying some sort of tax on this too so it should work out ata bout £350 for the 8gb in the UK

What's the quidco % on iPhone v2? inc O2 contract

Ultimate question, white or black? :whistling:
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