Apple Iphone 3gs 16gb - NEW- unlocked.. how much are they?!

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Found 28th Apr 2010
Really can't find the answer.. where can I get one from and for how much (it's not for me)

It will be bought for use in a Scandanvian country. Looking to buy from here as it's priced at £660 over there. It has to be black, 3gs and 16gb...new, with warranty etc.. or AS new...

Rep for help, as always.



does it have to be unlocked? i dont think you can even buy them unlocked. may be wrong

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Play.com have thme unlocked, much cheaper option is buy on O2 then pay … Play.com have thme unlocked, much cheaper option is buy on O2 then pay them £15 to unlock it.

and that can be done straight away? sister works for o2 and gets a discount too..

- owe you rep.. but have to 'spread some' before giving you more(!)

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..so i should approach o2 asking them to sell as a payg thingie as opposed to simfree right?... is there a page on there with prices?... goes off to have a look...

edit: site not working

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cheers m'dears. rep coming your way very soon. great help, appreciate it.

spot on advice. Just got mine off ebay, 32gb for about 409 .. 12 month warranty too.
had to get a PAYG o2 sim and put £15 on there for o2 to take money out.
Deciding on a case / screen protector / car holder / charger .. all adds up!


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