Hi folkes birthday is around the corner and i would like a iphone i have decided i want the 32gb black or white iphone not due an upgrade till august and just wondering wheres the best place to go im currently on vodaphone but dont mind a change and help appriciated p.s i like unlimited texts but i dont phone people alot so minutes not much of a problem


Hold off untill the 27th Jan Apple may hint of there new iphone or atleast a new version of the OS.

You might get a better deal if you stick with Voda, but to be honest its much the same price on all the networks as Apple are setting the price.

The info on the 4G iPhone gets announced on Weds for release May/June. The cost of the 3GS may come down then, so it might be an idea to wait til May, you could get a much better deal. . . (maybe)

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glad i posted this thanks for the info i will keep my eyes open butt i do hate to wait esp when its my birthday lol

heat and rep folkes

I'd say wait it out.The New 4G iphone is expected to be vastly different from the 3G and 3GS, Id hate to be tied to a fresh contract just months before the new one comes out.
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